Thursday Evening Update

Hello all! We have made it to the end of our final full day at PGL!

We have eaten lots – cannelloni or meatballs and pasta. We then played Wacky Races and saw some very dramatic acting as the teams ran relay.

We’ve had a lot of fun today, although I’m not really sure I have the energy to tell you about how we’ve started fires, filtered water and built shelters in Survivor. Or how well we worked together in Orienteering. Or the great time we had building our crate towers and knocking them over. Or how proud I am of every single person that went up that abseiling tower. We’ll let the children tell you all about that tomorrow.

One more sleep…


Thursday Morning Update

Another bright morning at PGL! For breakfast we had the choice between the usual cereal and bacon, beans, or tomatoes (I saw a lot of bacon sarnies assembling themselves). We are fueling up for an exciting day featuring Abseiling, Survivor, the Crate Challenge and Orienteering.

Right now we are sat outside in the morning sun, chatting about what we are most proud of accomplishing so far and sharing our favourite stories (mine is not the story of Mr George accidentally putting his hand in a snotty tissue…).

More updates to follow later today, when we get a second to breathe between activities!

Wednesday Update

We’ve gone for an early night tonight! After a lovely dinner of Roast Pork and Potatoes/Pizza and chips, we had just enough energy to complete the Cluedo evening entertainment. This was a new one to everyone and involved running around a murder mystery in the dark, trying to interrogate suspects for clues and not trip over our own feet. Despite some people in silly costumes with silly accents, we have some very tired children tonight so we have gone to get as much rest as possible before our next day of activities.

Tomorrow we have a new set of challenges, including Survivor (survival training), Abseiling (walking down walls like Spider-Man) and the Crate Challenge (falling off a stack of crates) along with many others.

We will try to upload some choice photos from today as soon as we can get a stable wifi connection!

See you in the morning…