Thursday Evening Update

Hello all! We have made it to the end of our final full day at PGL!

We have eaten lots – cannelloni or meatballs and pasta. We then played Wacky Races and saw some very dramatic acting as the teams ran relay.

We’ve had a lot of fun today, although I’m not really sure I have the energy to tell you about how we’ve started fires, filtered water and built shelters in Survivor. Or how well we worked together in Orienteering. Or the great time we had building our crate towers and knocking them over. Or how proud I am of every single person that went up that abseiling tower. We’ll let the children tell you all about that tomorrow.

One more sleep…


2 thoughts on “Thursday Evening Update

  1. Ah thanks again for the lovely pics and great update. Can’t wait to see Olivia tomorrow, got her postcard today, hope she’s dried out!!

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