Thursday Morning Update

Another bright morning at PGL! For breakfast we had the choice between the usual cereal and bacon, beans, or tomatoes (I saw a lot of bacon sarnies assembling themselves). We are fueling up for an exciting day featuring Abseiling, Survivor, the Crate Challenge and Orienteering.

Right now we are sat outside in the morning sun, chatting about what we are most proud of accomplishing so far and sharing our favourite stories (mine is not the story of Mr George accidentally putting his hand in a snotty tissue…).

More updates to follow later today, when we get a second to breathe between activities!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Update

  1. Hope you are enjoying your last day! Super weather to be out and about in. Looking forward to seeing Arabella tomorrow and hearing all about it!

  2. I missed you today Class 6! I am really pleased you are all having such a brilliant time. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures after the Easter holidays. Enjoy your last night away.

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